More Rachael Ray Pregnancy Rumors

Will the Rachael Ray pregnancy rumors ever end? As far as I know, Rachael isn't pregnant, but a few photos, like these at Bitten and Bound, are causing the same old hub bub again.

However, I do have to say, as a woman who was recently pregnant, that Rach does not appear to me to be hiding a bump in these pictures. If she was trying to hide something, she'd be holding the bag higher and sideways. I think Rach just wanted to show of her cute bag!

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  1. I think Rachael would make such a loving mother... Look how much she LOVES her own Mom and let's not forget her beloved Isaboo... But I respect her for not wanting a child due to her life style- why have a child that will only be raised by a nanny? Bravo Rach-


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