USA Today Interview with Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray promoted the launch of Season Three of her talk show by talking to USA Today's Live Blog. Here are a few interesting tidbits from the interview.

On her politics:

"I’ve picked a candidate but I don’t discuss that. I don’t want to offend viewers," she told Lifeline Live in an interview about the new season of her show. This race has "gotten every American talking to every other American. ... I think no matter which way it goes that’s a huge positive."

On her voice issues:

"My problem is: I talk and get overly excited," she says (her publicist later confirmed Ray does not smoke). "I'm breathing wrong. I’ve bruised my vocal chords. And I never shut up long enough for that to heal. They’re going to try to teach me how to speak properly. I don’t know if an old dog can learn new tricks, but I'm going to try."

She says that doing "about 280 episodes a year" of the various shows she's on, makes it tough to allow the swelling to go down. She takes antacids, drinks herbal tea and uses an Echinacea spray. But, the real goal is: "I must learn how to change the way I speak." She's working "with a great team" to do that now. In the meantime, the show must go on.

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