Book Signing Tour for Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book

Thanks to Jacob over at Food Network Addict, you can mark your calendar for Rachael Ray's book signing tour for her longest-titled book ever: Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book: Her Biggest Ever Collection of All-New 30-Minute Meals Plus Kosher Meals, Meals for One, Veggie Dinners, Holiday Favorites, and Much More!. This site updates as new dates are added, but here are the current dates and locations:
Updated 11/23/08: Check out this post for the correct dates and locations.


  1. Is Rach really going on tour in Dec - when she is having throat surgery at the beginning of Dec...??? I hope not. She would be crazy to do that... don't ya think? I would rather her take the time off to rest and recover-
    Also did anyone notice she will be in 2 different states on 12/15??? I wonder if these dates are real-
    Rach- stay home and get better- tour then your show wraps in May.... we love ya and want you to get well !!

  2. I agree- as much as I love trying to come out and see you- I would rather you stay home this winter and get well...
    You are in our Prayers Rach!

  3. Does anyone know when Rachael Ray will be in the DFW,tx area?

  4. Rachel Ray schedule: 11/6/08 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Union Square. New York, NY.
    11/8/08 1:00 PM at Costco – Old Country Road. Westbury, NY.
    12/15/08 5:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – SE Maynard. Cary, NC.
    12/18/08 5:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – West 69th. Edina, MN.
    12/19/08 5:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Old Orchard Center. Skokie, IL.
    Any chance someone from DFW area could pick up Clive Clussler's book--Clive Cussler, bestselling author & all around great guy, will be signing copies of Arctic Shift
    12/5/08 7:00 PM at Borders Books – West Freeway. Fort Worth, TX.

  5. I hear a rumor that she might be in Cinncinatti Ohio is that true??

  6. RR should really come down to south jersey!!

  7. RR should really come down to South Jersey!

  8. I noticed on this site Rachael Ray was going to be in Ft Worth,TX of West Freeway at Borders. I looked up Borders events for that location and Rachael Ray is not listed. Is she going to be there?
    Does she ever go to Utah or Nevada?

  9. Hey Sarah,

    I got an updated list of the book tour dates and locations. You can check it out here.

  10. Don't get too excited about these dates. I just called the B&N in Edina and she isn't having a book signing there like this post says. I'm guessing the other post that is linked to this is the right dates, and these are just put here to tease us. :(

  11. Hey Stephanie,

    No teasing intended! I just didn't want to delete stuff in an old post bc I consider that a poor blogging practice.

    To avoid any confusion, I went ahead and deleted the old dates. I apologize!

  12. Rachael will be making a stop in NJ Saturday Nov.7th 2009 for her new book Book of Ten, check out


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