No Throat Cancer for Rachael Ray

Have you seen all those rumors about Rachael Ray having throat cancer? It spread like wildfire over the weekend, but have no fear. According to her spokesperson, Rachael Ray is as healthy as a horse. People magazine reports that she will be having throat surgery, but it's for a benign cyst.

Here's what her peeps had to say about it: "Rachael is the picture of health. She is having very minor surgery to remove a benign cyst on her vocal cord. It's a common in-and-out procedure that she will have in early December and it will not adversely effect any of her daytime show or Food Network tapings."

Now, if you had any faith in the National Enquirer as a new source, I hope it's gone now. They are the ones that started the rumor, statingn that the condition "would prevent her from speaking for about two months and would disrput her work schedule." To the contrary, she will only have to rest for "a week or so after the procedure."

As for the history of her voice condition, she told People in 2006: "I lose my voice a lot," she said at the time. "I had a lot of croup as a kid so I don't have the strongest vocal cords to begin with. I went to a voice doctor [who] taught me exercises for my throat and to cut back a little on the caffeine."

Luckily, Rach isn't around to deal with all the drama. People says she is "currently in Italy celebrating her third wedding anniversary with husband John Cusimano, family and friends."

Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray.


  1. I knew you'd find out the truth on this one! I just saw the rumor over the weekend when I was at the checkout counter at the grocery store... funny thing was, I knew you'd have a post up about it soon!

  2. I'm glad I didn't let you down!

  3. I was so worried when I heard that... I do hope her surgery goes well and she does take care of her vocal cords after that... She is in my prayers


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