Rachael Ray Goes to Australia

Australia is pretty excited that Rachael Ray is heading down under. I found this article where Rachael talks about a wide range of issues, including her trip to Australia. Rachael is "planning her first trip to Australia and New Zealand mid-way through the year." So does this mean she's already gone? I certainly did hear any of the deets! Here are few highlights from the article:

On the criticism that she's not a real chef:

"My feelings aren't hurt by that," she says. "And it's fair - I'm not a great chef but I know I'm a good cook, and I don't look to other people to validate my life any more than they look to me. I like eating my food, and so do my family."

On being the subject of gossip pages:

"At the beginning it was really hard to get used to, but after a while you get used to it," Ray said on the phone from the US. My husband and I have been together for eight, nine years now, and we've been married three years this September. He's the nicest guy, he's always been a wonderful husband. I used to feel bad for him, I used to feel bad for my family. After a while though you've got to let it go. Of course you're aware of it. You walk by it, you see it, you get a thousand text messages every time that it (a negative story) comes out.

"I frankly kind of feel sorry for them (gossip journalists) how they have to make a living because my job does nothing but make me feel great. It must feel really lousy to have to write made-up crap about people and have that be your job."

On the parts of her personality that the public doesn't see:

"Rachael has an evil Rachael side too," she said. "My husband has a rock band and I love going out to indie rock clubs, we love independent films. We love having people over, every time people come over we go pretty late, we have a vegas room and smoke Cuban cigars and play poker all night. I drink coffee all day ... and when I go home I switch to wine as soon as I walk in the front door. I like to think I'm a balanced [goody] two-shoe."


  1. I know that Rachel (probably)does not see these comments, but still I want to say; Thank you Rachel, for being real.

  2. The article has gone :( I am a bit confused... I thought she was planning to come in mid year as well but have heard nothing since... now there is a recent article? Hmm... wish she would!


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