Rachael Ray Roundup

I remember when the only places to find Rachael Ray's recipes were her cookbooks and her Food Network show. Aaaah, how times have changed. Now we are spoiled because in addition to those sources, you can find her recipes from Rach's talk show and magazine or you can see lots of them in one place on her official site.

I found myself running across recipes I wanted to try, then promptly forgetting them when it was time to plan out my menu. So, to help myself out and give you a sneak peek into which recipes I will be reviewing, I created a sidebar gadget (in the left hand sidebar) called Recipes I Plan on Trying. I remove recipes once I make them, so the list will be constantly changing.

Here are some Rachael Ray posts from around the blogosphere this week. If you see a post that you think would be good for the Roundup, or you write one yourself, e-mail me so I can be sure to include it.
  • A Hamburger Today has the best coverage I've run across of Rachael Ray's Burger Bash.
  • TMZ has a funny picture of Rachael at the Burger Bash.
  • Rachael Ray busted rumors that she wasn't a very good hostess at the Burger Bash.
  • Cate at Sweetnicks made Chicken-Fried Steak with Gravy from the most recent issue of Rachael's magazine.
  • Jessie of Rob + Jessie might not be a fan of Rachael's show, but she loves her recipe for Linguine with White Clam Sauce.
  • Pam from Alert and Oriented x 4 liked Rachael's recipe for Pumpkin Soup with Chili Cran-Apple Relish from Rachael's Thanksgiving in 60 episode.
  • Rachel of The Crispy Cook was inspired by one of Rachael's recipes in Veggie Meals to make Artichoke Risotto.
  • Sara at i like to cook tried Rach's recipe for Potato and Apple Home Fries.
  • Mary Ann of Meet Me in the Kitchen made two of Rachael's recipes to create a meal that was a hit with her family: Slider Caesar Salad and Veggie Manicotti.


  1. I am so tired of the tabloids trying to bash Rash every second they can... She gives so much of herself and energy all the time... Get off her back and stop trying to break her down. Rachael is nothing but Gracious always. We love ya Rach!

  2. The fiery roast turkey sandwiches on your new sidebar thing are excellent. I once made up a batch of them in Nashville for my co-workers. The only drag is buying the chipotle pepper - I always end up pitching half or more of even the tiniest can.

    Oh, if you forget to let the cream cheese get to room temp, just nuke it a bit till it gets soft. It may look a bit runny, but once you stir all that stuff together, it will be A-OK.

  3. That artichoke risotto is a great pantry recipe. Rachael Ray is one of our North Country celebrities and we are proud of her in upstate New York!


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