Rachael Ray Roundup

It's finally getting chilly around here! Just in time for Halloween, we are supposed to get our first Fall rain today. Poor little kids in their High School Musical costumes are going to get rained on tonight.

I always make the same thing for dinner on Halloween because it is such a quick and easy recipe - Curried Carrot Soup (I'm going to have to take a new picture this year to replace that crappy one). It will be perfect for a rainy night, too. Also, check out our little caterpillar in her Halloween costume below!
  • Aggie of Aggie's Kitchen adapted Rachael's recipe for Popcorn Snack Mix.
  • According to Grub Street, Rachael is working on a TV show with Daisy Martinez.
  • Stacey of Stacey Snacks might not be a Rachael Ray fan, but she had great results after adapting Rachael's recipe for Chicken Tagine.
  • Colleen of Pennies and Pounds thinks Rachael's recipe for Hungarian Meatball Stew has potential.
  • TMZ thinks Rachael's magazine is biased towards Obama.


  1. I do like Rachael, and her recipes are good.......I didn't mean to sound mean spirited!!!!

    The tagine was excellent!
    Stacey Snacks

  2. Hey Stacey - It's okay - not everyone is a fan! I'm just glad you found a recipe that worked for you.

  3. Thanks for putting me in the roundup again! I've been on a RR kick lately! I just posted another of her recipes today. I'm loving my new subscription to her mag!

    Your little caterpillar is adorable!! Happy Halloween!

  4. Thanks, Aggie! I'll include your recipe in next week's roundup.

  5. The caterpillar costume is adorable! Happy Halloween to the little bug.

  6. How cute is your little caterpillar! I can't believe she's so big already. Happy Halloween to your family!


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