Rachael Ray's Burger Bash

There must be a whole bunch of bloggers at the NY Wine and Food Festival, which is running this week, because there were a half ton of reviews of the event all over the blogosphere. Rachael has hosted this event for the last couple years.

A whole bunch chefs and restaurants show up with their best burger and vie for votes from the crowd. This year, Katie Lee Joel won with a patty melt. Laren at Gothamist has some pictures to go with her recap and Grub Street offers details on many of the entries. WPIX has a great photo gallery of the event (just click on the funny picture of Rachael laughing and it will open up).


  1. I went to her event Beyond Chicken Nuggets yesterday afternoon - very intimate town hall setting and was closerthanthis to her. Very informative, actually ran over an extra half-hour.

  2. Whatever!!! I couldn't be more jealous. While I really do love a good burger, if I had to choose, I would have chosen to go to the Beyond Chicken Nuggets event.

  3. I am so jealous too! I wish I lived in NY so I could of went... what was it about?

  4. Madeline - next year I want to make it to the Burger Bash. When I told Nick I was going to see her, he said, "Does she know you're coming?" Too cute.

    Anonymous - a talk with her, Jessica Seinfeld, Alice Waters and two doctors about getting kids to eat well, dealing with picky eaters, etc. Have masses of notes that I need to break down and write.


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