This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Here's what the folks at Rachael Ray's talk show say is in store for us this week:

A Legendary Mystery Taster
It's our first "Mystery Taster" of the season, so get ready for Hollywood royalty! Then, Kristan hits a "home run" with a makeover for a baseball fan, and has tips for creating your own personalized room for a "steal." And Rach whips up a steak dinner that'll save you money!

A "New Kids" Surprise
The New Kids are back on The Block and they're giving a die-hard fan the surprise of her life! Then, could a hypnotist change that one little thing about your spouse that drives you up the wall? See if he can help a shopaholic wife and a sloppy husband! Then, trade your french fries for Rachael's new healthier oven fries.

Oprah's Superchef Art Smith
Guess who's getting down and dirty in Rachael's kitchen: Oprah's personal chef! Then, can't get your man out on the dance floor? Colby's on it! See how he gets a guy who hasn't danced with his wife in 10 years to bust a move. And for dinner it's Rachael's latest guilt-free burger!

Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson
Dr. Bailey is the queen bee on Grey's Anatomy ... but does Chandra Wilson run a tight ship at home with her children? And what's her beef with McDreamy? Then, get a shocking look at what your kids are eating and find out how to make smarter choices. Plus, it's burger time with Rachael's creation that you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Instant Human Lab: "Manscaping"
It's reality TV Friday! First, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Kyan Douglas tackles the hairy business of "manscaping" in our "Human Lab." From chest waxing to fixing a unibrow, not even Rachael's husband John is off limits! Then, how do real people become reality TV stars? We're going inside the top secret casting room at Wife Swap, and the stars of Little People, Big World are in the kitchen with Rachael.

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