Widget from Every Day with Rachael Ray

Did you see my new bling? It's a super cute little widget from the folks at Every Day with Rachael Ray. I'm always saying how much I love the weekly menu planner feature of the magazine and now it's in widget form! Since my blog has narrow sidebars, I had to have it snuggled down in the footer, but I think it's happy down there, don't you?

You can get it for yourself by clicking on Grab It on the widget above. Or, if you have issues with that, you can also get it here.

In other magazine news, Media Post also noticed that Rachael Ray's magazine has some new promotional ideas. They have teamed up with prepared meals chain Super Suppers to point out products with a connection to the magazine.

The mag is also introducing a new section called "Talk" that will "emphasize the participatory aspect of the brand." It will launch in February and "will consist of five different user-generated content areas--including a reader panel, a cook's network, and a column called 'Reader Raves,' in which the magazine's readers recommend products."

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