Giveaway Time at Every Day with Rachael Ray

It's time for a treat! Rachael Ray's magazine is jumping into the holiday season with both feet today as it starts its first-ever holiday gift-away. I'm thinking this is my big chance to finally win something online (although I do get those notifications that I have won the UK lottery pretty often).

Here's what the magazine says about this event:

Launching this Monday, November 17, Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine will be offering over $90,000 in prizes online at Items will include: Rachael Ray cookware, family travel packages, Kay Jewelers gift certificates, and even a Viking range! No catch – just log on and enter, what do you have to lose?!

Readers can enter to win exclusively at

Make sure you go back every day to enter, since there are new prizes and you can enter to win the grand prize of tickets to Rachael Ray's talk show. You can check out all the prizes by clicking the link above. I'd be happy with any of them!

So go enter and come back to tell us if you win anything.


  1. Love these prizes! I just signed up...hope to win one of the vacations.:)

  2. Question: When you submit your entry is it okay to leave all prizes "checked" or are you only supposed to choose one each day? I didn't see any information in the prize rules that apply to this question. I tried to send an e-mail via "Let's Talk", but can't get it to work. Anybody else have info or run into the same problem?
    I LOVE the magazine. Wanted to tell them about our election night party. Followed it exactly like the magazine suggested and the food was a BIG hit. We had so much fun.
    CM in Gainesville, FL

  3. I had the same question, Anony. I think you can enter to win every day for whatever prizes are available that day, even if you entered for the same prize yesterday. Not entirely sure, but that's the way I read the rules.


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