No Throat Surgery for Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray's throat surgery, scheduled for December 16, was called off because her vocal cords responded to other treatment. This must make Rach pretty darn happy, since she would have to avoid talking for two weeks if the surgery had gone forward.

In case you're out of the loop, the surgery was going to remove a benign cyst on her vocal cord.

Check out the People article about the surgery, or lack thereof.


  1. Her husband was on WOR Radio on 12/16 live and told the host Mike Colamecco that Rachael wasn't there because she just had SURGERY. Sheesh.

  2. That is odd, Anony! Either People magazine got it wrong or plans changed!

  3. I heard John say it too --- I wonder what is true- Rach wrote a blog about not having her surgery -- Maybe John blew the truth by accident... something sounds fishy to me...


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