Rachael Ray Producing New Food Network Show

Weren't you just thinking that Rachael Ray needed more stuff to do? Yeah, me too. I was thinking she was getting a little lazy lately, what with her Food Network shows, daytime talk show, charity organization, and products. Well, luckily she found something to do - produce a new Food Network show with Daisy Martinez. You'll recognize Daisy from her Mucho Gusto column in Rach's magazine.

Well, to be precise, Broadcasting and Cable informs us that Rach and her husband John, throught their production company called Watch Entertainment, are producing the show. The show is called Viva Daisy! and is starting with a six-episode order. If it's a winner, they will order a full season. It premieres on January 10 at 9:30 a.m. as part of the "In the Kitchen” block of shows. Not surprisingly, "it will feature Martinez revealing tips and tricks for creating Latin-inspired dishes."

Here's what John had to say about the new venture: “Rachael is only one person and there are only so many episodes of TV she can make a year, so we thought a much more efficient way of doing things would be by producing other talent,” he says. And, of course, the Food Network brass had to weigh in. Bob Tuschman, senior VP of programming and production for Food Network said: “Any free seconds she has, she is jotting down ideas on napkins, menus, whatever is around her for editorial, content for style, for evolving the shows, new ideas for specials; her brain never stops working,” he says. “It was a quick and easy leap for her to make; she was already a producer in our mind.”

Finally, here's what Rachael had to say about the new show:

"I called [Food Network President] Brooke Johnson and we had a nice meeting with Bob Tuschman and some of the peeps over there, and we brought Daisy with us and she just lit up the room,” Ray says. “What I love about Daisy is her accessibility factor; if you don't have a Latin-American heritage, it can be very foreign to an American audience. I think she makes it fun and easy.”

I'm looking forward to checking it out. Will you watch?


  1. Of Course I will watch!!! I will watch any show Rachael will produce now and in the future- Although I love seeing her in front of the camera - I think for Rachael and her voice issues being behind the camera will be a smart thing. It is time for Rachael to start taking care of herself --- she earned that. So Go Rach and produce brillance!


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