Another SXSW Party for RR

EW magazine has all the details on Rachael Ray's second foray into the SXSW festival party scene. Her party last year was a hit, so what's in store this year? Last year Rach offered some great food and several great bands (including her husband John's band, The Cringe). This year the party is titled "Rose's Mojito and Rachael Ray's Feedback, A Smorgasbord of Hot Bands and Hot Food."

The banks on the list include New York Dolls, Hold Steady, Bob Schneider, the Thermals, Airborne Toxic Event, Semi Precious Weapons, and The Cringe. The party is being held on March 21st at Maggie Mae's.

Ray told EW a few of her thoughts on the event: "Some of the bands are new to me, like the Thermals and Semi Precious Weapons, but I sincerely love all of them. I'm a huge Hold Steady fan! Seriously. And I love Bob Schneider. Austin is my favorite city outside of New York, I just love how they do things, and the spirit of it."

Of course, Rachael also had some comments on this year's menu: "burgers on a biscuit with bacon, shredded lettuce and a toasted poblano tomatillo sauce, ancho mac and cheese for the vegetarians, black-bean chilaquilles, and ancho-chicken pulled soft tacos." You can get the recipes for last year's menu here.

EW also informs us that the March 13 issue of EW will include an interview with Rachael Ray.

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  1. The party as you described it is totally fun and won't leave your tummy empty.Thanks for sharing the link on the recipes.Great site!


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