Update on Rachael Ray's Burger Joint

Josh Ozersky of The Feedbag is officially a Rachael Ray fan after getting the chance to chat with her about one of her favorite topics - burgers. Rachael is the self-proclaimed Queen of Burgers, which I think is fair, considering the ridiculous amount of outstanding burger recipes she has created over the years.

You can listen to a little clip from the interview and check out the whole thing here, but I have to share what I consider to be the most interesting part. Rachael talked a little bit about the burger joint she plans on opening in NYC. Can you imagine what the lines will be like at that place? Here's an excerpt from the interview on the topic:

The Feedbag: And, I guess we’re holding off before the world knows about your big hamburger project?

Rachael Ray: Well, it’s gonna be 2010. So, I mean, you don’t want to get ‘em too excited! (Laughs) It’s no secret– I’ve told a lot of people I’m working on a burger joint. I. Love. Burgers. And, it just makes the most sense for me! You know, I grew up in the restaurant business. I’ve been wanting to get back into it when my life eased up enough that I could pay enough attention. And, by 2010 we got it all mapped out! I’m psyched! I can’t wait to eat there!

The Feedbag: Me neither.

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