Free Tote Bag From Every Day with Rachael Ray

Okay, confession time. I have an addiction to Chips Ahoy cookies. Like Ozzy Osbourne, I have a thing where I eat the same food over and over again (anyone see that episode about him and Chipotle?). The rule doesn't apply to real meals (I hardly ever make the same recipe twice), just snacks. Hey, I never said I was normal.

I was excited to see that my addiction to Chips Ahoy will end up providing me with a free gift from Every Day with Rachael Ray. The magazine has teamed up with Kraft to offer a free canvas tote bag if you buy certain products. Then you mail in a little card with some info on it and your receipt and you are golden! The deal runs through the month of May, so there's still time!

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  1. Hi Rachael: I just LOVE your show and your meals. In today's busy world even single/divorced women with grown kids are mega busy and need your help on a daily bases. Keep up the great work and will see you on 30 minute meals. Tess, SSI,GA


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