New Season of Rachael's Vacation

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science issued a press release that offers some insight into the new season of Rachael's Vacations, which will air in early 2010. Rachael and her husband John visited the VINS Nature Center in Quechee, Vermont on July 22nd to film a segment for Rach's current travel show.

According to VINS, "Rachael and John were given a personal tour of VINS’ natural science exhibits, live birds of prey enclosures, and avian rehabilitation facilities by VINS naturalists." The VINS president had this to say about Rachael's visit:

Our staff was really impressed by Rachael’s interest in VINS’ environmental education programs and rehabilitation work. It was an honor to have her and John choose the VINS Nature Center from among all the exciting visitor destinations in this region, and we appreciate the national media exposure she is giving us.

Rachael and John participated in the release "of five yellow-bellied sapsuckers." Now, who wouldn't want to do that on their vacation?

The press release also offers details on the theme of the 2010 season of Rachael's Vacations:

Rachael’s Vacations takes Rachael and John across the country to discover how to "rough it" in style, showing viewers new ways to enjoy the outdoors, 21st Century style. From river rafting in Upstate New York, to waking up in a cozy Bed & Breakfast on a Vermont farm, Rachael uses her unique take on travel and lifestyle to offer fresh and affordable ways to enjoy the great American outdoors.

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  1. Ha 5 yellow bellied slap suckers hehe. I love Vermont, last time I was there we stayed in Stowe and it was a beautiful little town. Fabulous local townspeople and awesome eco-adventures for us to try out! I also use as an eco friendly traveler. They list a hotel's green features all the way down to if they compost. It's good to see Rachel enjoying an eco-adventure. Here's hoping it helps to inform her viewers on the choices they have when vactioning! Thanks for the heads up always love me some Rachel Ray!


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