October 2009 Issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray

Doesn't that picture of Rach make you want to go run through some leaves? Okay, maybe it's just me. Time for some highlights from the October 2009 issue of Everyday With Rachael Ray.

The real highlight for me is always the 30 minute meals section. This time, there is a cool insert that has an index card with a picture of the finished dish on the front and a shopping list for the recipe on the back. No more carrying the whole magazine to the store (yeah, we all saw you do that last month). Here are this month's recipes: Zucchini Spaghetti with Saffron Sauce, Steakhouse Chili, Succotash Frittata, Cherry Tomato-and-Ravioli Soup, Chicken-and-Orzo Soup with Arugula and Basil, Minestra with Sweet Sausage, Salmon Fillets with Dill Couscous and Spicy Kale, Stuffed Hot Sausage Meatball Subs, Double Mushroom and Marsala Cream Fettuccine, and Whole Wheat Penne and Cauliflower.

I'll be doing the Steakhouse Chili, the Chicken and Orzo Soup with Arugula and Basil, the Minestra with Sweet Sausage, and the Stuffed Hot Sausage Meatball Subs.

My new favorite recipes are found in the $10 Spot section. People must always write in and give them smack about how you can't buy $0.04 worth of ground cinnamon, but I see where they're going with this feature and I love it. This issue includes recipes for Chicken Liver with Bacon, Pomegranate Chicken with Walnuts, Quesadilla Casserole, Barley-and-Kielbasa Pilaf, and Beef Empanadas with Raisins and Pickled Peppers.

The Burger of the Month this time looks like a comfort food feast: Buttered-Toast Swiss Patty Burger. Sign me up.

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