Martha Apologizes to Rachael Ray

How about that? Looks like Martha had a change of heart. Gawker has the video and The New York Daily News has the details.

After making a whole bunch of catty comments on Nightline about Rachael's cooking skills and how Rachael's cookbooks and recipes just weren't good enough for Martha, Martha had this to say on her talk show on Monday:

I just want to take this opportunity just to address some comments that are circulating on the Internet regarding me and Rachael Ray. And just for the record there are no bad feeling between us nor have there ever been. I truly believe that Rachael has done a terrific job bringing people, many people who would of never of even stepped into the kitchen or made a dish to cook. I applaud Rachel for her enthusiastic approach to cooking and I really had a great time being a guest on her show and it was a lot of fun to have her on this show making pie with me to. Come on back Rachael, anytime you want and I hope you have a Yum-o Thanksgiving."


  1. wanting to make a rude, witty comment but am holding back...

  2. Thank you Martha for that - however the rumors were not on the internet - it was all based on your rude comments on Nightline. I am done with Martha

  3. I don't feel it's an apology but just a statement. I like them both.


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