Rachael Ray Roundup

How do you guys pick recipes each week?  Just by what sounds good?  I've started buying meat on sale and freezing it, so that's pretty much making the decision for me these days.  I also try to use up what's leftover from the week before.  I seem to be wasting less food, but time will tell.

One more thing - if you want to subscribe to or renew your subscription to Rachael Ray's magazine, go here and use coupon code PXSS627 when checking out, it's $3.99 per year.

Here are some Rachael Ray posts from around the blogosphere this week. If you see a post that you think would be good for the Roundup, or you write one yourself, e-mail me (everythingrachaelray at gmail dot com) so I can be sure to include it.


  1. Wow Madeline, thanks for sharing a link to my blog...I didn't think anyone but my friends and family ever looked at it! I love reading your posts and finding new blogs to follow!

  2. Hi There!

    I just discovered this link to my post now! I feel terrible that I didn't comment earlier...thank you so much! Now following you!

    Have a great day!


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