Rachael Ray to Start Food Truck Business?

This goes into the - "really, could that be true?" file.  According to The National Enquirer (hey, they get lots of political stories right, cough, John Edwards, cough), Rachael Ray is starting a gourmet food truck business in major cities like LA, Chicago, and New York.

What, no Sacramento, Rach?  I'll keep an eye out for any more on this rumor, just like I do for stories about the burger joint that Rachael Ray talked about opening awhile ago.

I think Rachael's food would be a great success in the food truck format - she could easily come up with recipes that are quick to make (duh) and eat on the go.


  1. i was definitely agree that Rachel's food would be a great success in the food truck business world I adore her. Keep up the good work!


  2. I'm looking forward to what foods they are serving in her food truck. Hope to hear updates about this.


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