Dave Letterman Apologizes to Rachael Ray

Oh, Dave.  He got himself in trouble again.  E! Online informs us that when Rachael recently appeared on his show, Dave went on a rant about the amount of food programming on TV while other people are starving. Now, Rach of all people is a bad person to aim this at, since she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk against hunger with her Yum-o! Organization and her work for food banks all over the place. Anyway, Dave figured out the error of his ways. Check out his apology:


  1. Maybe it's me - but I know Rach seems to adore Dave - but I personally think he does not like her at all. He always is cold to her whenever she is on his show - compared to the way he treats and falls all over himself with his other guests.

    I even felt his apology was cold and totally insincere. He still managed to insult her even while apologizing. I wish Rach will see that and tell that old coot to go to Hell! She is such a better person than he ever could be.

  2. I DVR'd the show and didn't see anything to apologize for. He doesn't like cupcake wars. Either do I. What does this have to do with Rach? Did I miss something?


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