Another Rachael Ray Fan

Grub Street is now converted to the Rachael Ray cause. They did an extensive interview with Rachael that you can read here. A few of the highlights from my perspective:

For people who are new to cooking, do you see yourself as an entry point to the food world?
My food is designed to be accessible to everybody. I'm always trying to improve my own self in the kitchen and improve upon my recipes. There are recipes in this book [Look + Cook] that you wouldn't have seen in my work ten or fifteen years ago, but I always try to keep the food accessible because whether you love to cook, or it's your first time in the kitchen, food should be, to me, about sharing. It should not be intimidating. People should be inspired to make dinner as many nights of the week as possible because I believe it's very important for your soul. It really adds to your quality of life to be able to provide good food for yourself and your loved ones .... When I make dinner at home, I'm very quiet and it's time for me to organize my brain and relax and rewind on the day, have a glass of wine or listen to music and chat with my husband.

I find a sense of comfort in cooking, too. I love spending a Saturday walking around and picking up stuff at the cheese shop, the bakery, the Greenmarket and coming home and cooking meals for the week.

I actually picked my apartment in proximity to the nearest and biggest Greenmarket. [Union Square.]

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