Menu Plan Monday

Here's this week's menu of Rachael Ray recipes.  I am so proud of myself for trying something new (from All You magazine), but don't worry - it's just one recipe.  I needed something to use up a bunch of random stuff and it fit the bill.  Check out more menus at Org Junkie.

Sunday:  Takeout

Monday: Chicken and Gravy Sandwiches, Camembert Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Carrots

Tuesday: Tex Mex Turkey Tamale Pie

Wednesday:  Mexican Chicken Casserole and Salad (from All You magazine - aren't you proud of me for branching out for once?)

Thursday:  Grilled Cheese and Kale Sandwich and Tomato Soup (from most recent issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray, but the recipe's not posted online yet)

Friday: :Leftovers

Saturday: Takeout

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