Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off Details

Ask and ye shall receive, apparently. Just as I was getting worried that the show starring Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri was going to be a no go, the Food Network's blog, The FN Dish, provides some details and an air date.  As we already knew, Guy and Rachael will each have a team of celebrities, who will compete in cooking challenges.  The show will air on the Food Network on January 1 and 9pm, with these stars: Summer Sanders, Lou Diamond Phillips, Aaron Carter, Taylor Dayne, Coolio, Cheech Marin, and Alyssa Campanella.

Certainly not an a-list crew, but I will be rooting for Joey Fatone in honor of my never ending love for NSYNC. Don't judge.

Photo from FN Dish


  1. wow i am watching it so far and sitting there so 1 one of hers got disqualified doesnt mean shes gonna lose rachel ray is going to win

  2. rachel you are awesome and are totally gonna win my mom loves your recipes and thanks to you on my birthday for dinner i eat peanut butter and jelly french toast


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