Rach Teaches Donny Wahlberg Some Skills

Make sure you check out Rachael Ray's talk show today. My favorite segments are when she gets celebrities into her kitchen - actually cooking! Rach and Donny create a date night meal and Donnie shares some info on the restaurant he is opening with his brother Mark - Wahlburgers. No, seriously, that's what they are calling it. I couldn't make that up if I tried.

 Apparently they anticipated some reaction to the name. Here's what Donnie told Rach about it:

 “And the beauty is, the name, it came out in the press a few weeks ago and it because a huge story, but it's, the beauty of it all is that it's Paul is, he's a legitimate chef. You know, it's like he's, we even didn't want to name it that partially because his cooking, it's just amazing. And he's done everything, he's earned everything on his own. He was in cooking school when we were all little kids. And we all, Mark and I especially, looked up to Paul but the Wahlburger’s is really coming from Paul's love of food and wanting to just make a great hamburger joint in his town of Hingham.”

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