I Should Just Let These Articles Go, But I Can't Help Myself

Can Rachael Ray cook her recipes in 30 minutes?  Someone else, this time a math professor at Tennessee Tech University, has joined the growing list of people who thought it would be fun to test this eternal question. This is one of those articles that drive me crazy and therefore make me feel silly for how worked up I get. But I really can't help myself, maybe because of how much I appreciate Rachael Ray's recipes and the big changes they made in my life by getting me to actually eat real food! I don't want the misinformation out there to prevent someone from trying her recipes and learning how to love cooking like I did! So, here are my thoughts on the article:

They tested 10 recipes - Do you know how many freaking recipes Rachael Ray has created? Between her 14 cookbooks, monthly magazine, and talk show, I have no idea how many there are, but it must be close to a gazillion. So how can someone take 10 of those recipes and draw any conclusions about the other gazillion? That kind of reasoning makes me worry about the future of science.

Expensive - The 10 recipe ridiculousness affects this issue, too, but I can promise you that you can find a RR recipe that is ridiculously expensive, just as you can find a whole bunch that are super cheap. When we were a two income family (before I decided to stay home with the little ones), I would choose any recipe that struck my fancy, regardless of price. These days, I choose based on shorter ingredient lists or a list with less expensive ingredients. And while RR does use a bunch of spices, she uses the same ones over and over again (specifically cumin, chili powder, smoked paprika), so you won't be buying a whole bunch of new ones all the time, in my experience.

Prep time - On her Food Network show, Rach says that she washes all produce before putting it away on her big shopping day. Other than that, all of her meals include the prep time of things like cutting veggies. On that show, she even grabs things out of the fridge and carries them to her cutting board, then opens packages.

Rach has proven it herself - In connection with her latest cookbook (which I adore, by the way, and I think it might be one of the best), Rachael posted videos showing her making a selection of the recipes from Look + Cook within 30 minutes, without commercial interruptions. I have watched a bunch of them and don't see any gimmicks that help her do it!  If these videos don't put these silly tests to rest, I don't know what will.

I have a feeling that Rachael doesn't get out a timer when she writes a meal. The idea is to make something from fresh ingredients in a short amount of time. It's not about racing the clock.

Image from Every Day with Rachael Ray

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  1. I agree with you. It is not important that a recipe takes 35 min or 1 hour and 5 min.; the important thing is that we can create a homemade meal in a “short” amount of time (depending on the cook's experience :) )


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