My Rachael Ray Christmas 2011

My daughter was so brave this year!
Last Christmas, I had a three month old baby, so I don't have any memory of that day.  Seriously, no memory at all.  I think I cooked dinner, but don't hold me to that.

This year I plan on redeeming myself by probably making too much food.  I'm just so excited for some reason this year, so I have put together a plan of recipes for the entire day.

We'll start the day out deviating from my usual Rachael Ray recipes, but dinner is all Rachael, all the time.


Snack: Mississippi Sin Dip (found via Pinterest)


Now if only the shopping would magically do itself, I would be golden.

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  1. You are magical! Merry Xmas and thanks for sharing with us the sweet joy of your home.


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