Rachael Ray Does Not Use a Ghostwriter

Ya know, when I saw this story in the New York Times yesterday, I thought it was wrong, but I couldn't be sure.  In every interview where she is asked about her recipes, Rachael Ray talks about the notebook she carries around with her to write down recipe ideas.  She even has a coded system to remind herself of whether it will go in one of her shows, in the magazine, or in a cookbook.  Given that amount of detailed work, what would a ghostwriter do, right?  Plus, she's always asked whether she writes her cookbooks, and she always says yes.

Given that consistent stance from Rachael, I would have been really disappointed if it turned out that her cookbooks were ghostwritten.  However, Rachael came out strong to defend herself.  On her twitter feed and to the media, Rachael Ray is denying that she uses a ghostwriter.  She says the chef quoted in the story is a food stylist, not a ghostwriter.  All  can say is: phew.

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