Rachael Ray Participates in Roast of Anthony Bourdain

I keep seeing all these articles saying that Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri were headliners in a recent roast of Anthony Bourdain at the New York Food and Wine Festival. In case you aren't aware of their history, you can read about how often Bourdain has bashed Rachael here.

In all those articles, none said exactly what Rach said that was soooooo good. I finally found a quote from Rachael's roast in Newsday: "I figured I would actually have the easiest time of anyone," said Food Network star -- and longtime victim of Bourdain's verbal lashings -- Rachael Ray. "I don't have to write jokes. I don't have to write insults. If you ask the man of the hour in the hot seat, my mere existence is clearly insult enough."

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