New Home Products from Rachael Ray

I was just thinking it had been awhile since Rachael announced that she would be offering a new line of houseware items. (What, you don't think about that?) So, I did a little searching and found all these new products for you to stock up on.

The first is the Furi Rachael Ray Froggy Double-Bladed Mezzaluna with Wooden Cutting Board and Non-Slip Mat. This product is more than just a mouthful - it's an award nominee. While it didn't win, it was nominated for the 2007 Gourmet Golds Awards, which were given at the Gourmet Housewares Show to the show's "breakthrough culinary products."

Here's the product description:

Meet 'Froggy' -- Furi's new double blade Mezzaluna. So unique and easy to use! The set includes a Gusto-Grip rubberized handle in fresh 'froggy' green with antimicrobial protection; a reversible wood chopping board with curved bowl for easy chopping and a non-slip mat that prevents sliding on counter tops. Rachael Ray says: 'Froggy will make life a whole lot easier in the kitchen. This new kitchen tool will help you leap frog over all of your chopping needs and the comfy grip handle provides safety for even the youngest of cooks.

There's a possibility this next one isn't that new, but it's new to me. Also with Furi, Rachael now has the Füri Rachael Ray Gusto Grip 7-Piece Clean-Cut Cutting Board Set. It has a color-coded, 7-piece Clean-Cut set to help prevent food poisoning, a solid wood base and 6 flexible, polypropylene mats, the mat colors are based on the international system for food equipment hygiene, and there are bright-orange corner tabs to securely hold the mats during cutting. As an added bonus, the mats are dishwasher-safe.

And finally, the wait for the Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl is over! (Was that too dramatic?) It's $17.95 and comes in one color, which is not surprisingly orange. The idea of the garbage bowl is to "[s]ave time in the kitchen by tossing your food scraps, wrappers and other waste in Rachael Ray's handy Garbage Bowl." This one is made out of Melamine and is 10" in diameter, 5-3/4" deep. It's also dishwasher-safe. As I've said in the past, I just pull my garbage can out and dump stuff in it, but I am pretty tempted to buy this Garbage Bowl anyway. It certainly would be a cuter way to handle the issue.

Rachael's servingware products are also available now. There is an Appetizer Plate, a Serving Platter and Tidbit Plates. The Appetizer Plate is only $3.00 and comes in turquoise. The Serving Platter is $6.00 and comes in blue. The Tidbit Plates come in sets of four for $8.00 and are available in lime green. All are made from melamine, so they are dishwasher safe, but can't go in the microwave or oven.

Okay, time to go shopping!


  1. I love that they have the garbage bowl, but I really wish it came in pink. *sigh*

  2. We will keep our fingers crossed because I'd love a pink one too, but Rach doesn't seem like a pink garbage bowl kinda girl.

  3. You could probably pick up a melamine "garbage bowl" at your local Salvation Army store or garage sale for 50 cents.

  4. Lee Anne - But then it wouldn't be a Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl! Actually, cool looking ones are pretty pricey on E-bay these days.


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